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EE-AGG JOint Venture Initiatives


EE-AGG LLC is a company organized to develop profitable commercial ventures that add value to alcohol production, bioprocessing, and/or use CO2 and other waste streams as inputs into production of biofuels, chemicals, and high value products. EE-AGG is owned by Earth Energy based in Texas and American Green Gasoline based in Iowa.

EE-AGG LLC is involved in two commercial project development initiatives:

1. EE-AGG owns rights for using Bio-Thermal Technology developed by Dr. Gary C. Young, Ph.D. P.E., President, Bio-Thermal-Energy Inc. Dr. Young has received (6) U.S. Patents, (1) Japanese Patent, and several additional Patents are pending on the BTE technology.  The BTE technology uses high temperature gasification to convert waste CO2 in combination with carbonaceous inputs and steam to produce syngas, which can in turn be used with other commercially available technologies to produce methanol, ethanol, gasoline, diesel, and/or other high value products.  BTE technology has been demonstrated at a 12.5 ton/day scale in private testing facilities in Pennsylvania.  The global engineering company, Technip, Stone and Webster Process Technology Inc., of Claremont, CA has conducted a technology and economic feasibility study showing results that are commercially promising and competitive.  The BTE technology uniquely creates an opportunity for greater utilization of various biomass resources not previously viable commercially.  Of particular interest is the utilization of residual lignin and CO2 from cellulosic ethanol production facilities to multiply and diversify production of alcohol-based fuels and other high value products.

2. Midwest Methanol, LLC is an early concept collaboration with ZEEP examining the use of existing commercial technologies for production of methanol for use as an input feedstock in biodiesel and chemical industries.​

EE-AGG LLC Board Members & Officers